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Search any food or recipe

Search recipes from all your favorite sites like - AllRecipes, Epicurious, Food.com and many more

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Effortlessly track your food or recipe

Get a nutrition profile

Not just calories, get a detailed nutritional report with deficiency indicator and suggestions for healthy recipes or vitamin supplements to counter that

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Cheeseburger or Roast Lamb with Garlic?

Log any food or recipes that you love. Even your own recipes !

Add foods from thousands of available food items or add your own. Search recipes from 100s of recipe sites like AllRecipes, Epicurious, Food.com and many more. You can even add your own recipes. Once you've found the food or recipe you want to log, just click "I ate this" button and Voila!

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Your Pocket Dietitian!

Complete dietary profile at your fingertip

As you keep tracking your food intake, BeyondCalories will create a detailed nutritional profile for you. You can see your diet report by weekly or monthly basis. BeyondCalories makes it easy to identify any dietary deficiencies in your profile and automatically pull in recommendations for healthy recipes, food and vitamin supplements to fix that. Wait, this is even better - now sharing your comprehensive diet report with your doctor or dietitian is a single-click away !

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We got your recipe bookmarks covered !

Your existing recipes work with BeyondCalories

If you have any recipes clipped or pinned with either Evernote Food or Pinterest, you are in business! BeyondCalories will automatically find those recipes and make them available at your "Favourites" section. To log that recipe, just click the "I ate this" button. We are working on a "Snap and Track" feature, where you just take a snap of a recipe text and we do the rest.


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You have a question? Someone else might have had the exact same one. Let's find out!

Absolutely! BeyondCalories is on a mission to keep you healthy. And a big part of that process is to maintain a comprehensive list of specific diets like gluten-free, dairy-free etc. We handle even more specific diets like Atkins diet or Weight-Watchers diet; And the list is increasing. In future you will be able to setup your own customised diet plan and filter your search based on that diet.

Hell yeah! In fact, we are particularly proud of our technology platform that makes it possible to extract nutrition data from any free-text recipe, including your own

We take "Data Privacy" very seriously and your dietary data is securely maintained and backedup regularly. Additionally, you can export your data to Excel / Text / PDF files anytime you want.